About Us


Maveric Farms is the brain child of the late Honorable Keble Munn and Member of Parliament Reverend Ronald Thwaites. It was developed with the sole intention to supply Genuine Blue Mountain cherry coffee to the Mavis Bank Central factory now renamed the Mavis Bank Coffee factory to be processed and sold to coffee lovers. With the decline in the financial sector prior to the year 2000 resulted in the liquidation of the farm hence the birth of Maveric Farms Ltd.

Maveric Farm is located in the Mist Laden hills of Westphalia in East Rural St Andrew. Westphalia is about 5700 feet above sea level overlooking portions of the Kingston Harbour, Portmore and Port Royal. This area provides habitats for some of the islands most beautiful endemic fauna and flora and most of all the production of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The farm is owned and managed by one of the Matriarchs of The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. It is a family owned business. The families efforts and dedication coupled with the ideal growth and environmental best practices resulted in the production of the most beloved Maveric Farms Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. We are committed, dedicated and honest in our delivery and that is to supply genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to the tastebuds of our consumers.