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Maveric Farm is located in the Mist Laden hills of Westphalia in East Rural St Andrew. Westphalia is about 5700 feet above sea level overlooking portions of the Kingston Harbour, Portmore and Port Royal. This area provides habitats for some of the islands most beautiful endemic fauna and flora and most of all the production of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. 

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We are committed, dedicated and honest in our delivery and that is to supply genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to the tastebuds of our consumers.

Customer Reviews

The smell and taste of Maveric Coffee brought me back immediately to the smells I enjoyed when my mom brewed morning coffee in the hills of Jamaica. The earthy smooth chocolate taste is present in every sip. When you have this coffee you will love it too.

Dr. Phyllis Harvey-Buschel

Delicious! Satisfying! Pure goodness when it comes to my indulgence in a cup of coffee from MAVERIC FARMS.

Grace Asphall

Having a cup of this coffee is the best way to start your day 

Robert Montague

Tasty refreshing coffee to brighten your day always

Peter Lacan

Drinking a cup hot or cold will ensure a fabulous day 

Micky Crawford

One cup of this awesome brew starts my day...everyday. I travel with a pack where ever I go. Have to start my day right!!. incomparable!...One can taste the purity of the Blue Mountains in it.

George Kates
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